​ S T I T C H E D   T O   P E R F E C T I O N 


We specialize in custom made menswear apparel, including outerwear, suits and shirts. Our products are designed to exceed your expectation of the unique image in which you intend to project by utilizing elements of couture that requires a designer with years of hands on experience.

  Our objective is to allow our clients to meet their personal fashion standards, whether their goal is to dress casual or formal by providing them with products high in craftsmanship, quality and service.

  We provide our clients with a wide range of looks, colors and fabrications from which to select from, where we then design a 1 of 1 made to measure item from scratch by obtaining their measurements. We want our clients to feel special when purchasing their unique 1 of 1 item by adding certain details within each product that makes it stand out amongst other items in their wardrobe. 

 We pride ourselves on making high quality, custom-designed garments that are hand -made and stitched in Canada with the finest leathers / fabrics at your disposal.

 Our brand is also open to collaborations with other designers who are willing to take the extra mile in providing the best service for our clients. 

 Valerio moda also has experience with technical wear and we are willing to provide other brands and emerging designers to help develop their collections by providing them with tech packs, helping them in making patterns and sampling, fitting. We will aid each brand with a step by step guide in translating their ideas into reality. 

 We also provide private styling for individuals who are looking to add or change their wardrobe.