Creative Director


​​Ali Mokhtarian’s journey began in his home country of Iran, a culture that did not exactly encourage artistic freedoms and ambitions.      Ali's passion for design, however, was strong enough to defy artistic restrictions, and a budding fashion designer quickly emerged. As a child, Ali sketched clothing designs, eventually leading to the quest to create the perfect leather jacket. He was primarily self-taught, letting his natural talent flow until he came under the tutelage of a master tailor where he further refined his skills. Ali continued to hone his craft with a leather design course at MODA PELLE in Milan as well as seminars at schools in both Milan and Paris. Ali founded Hirad Leather in 2007 and renamed it to Valerio in 2010. Today, Valerio Moda has received clientele from all over the globe with media recognition and celebrity support from the likes of several artists, designers, singers and athletes. 


 THE MAN BEHIND Valerio Moda